Golden rice bowl: high boron silicon heat-resistant fresh-keeping box cover



The glass of high borosilicate high temperature resistant sealing tank cover is produced and processed through excellent production process by using the characteristics of glass conductivity under high temperature and heating the internal structure of the glass furnace.

Heat resistant glass takes boric acid and magnesium chloride as key raw materials. It is not easy to deform whether it is heated or refrigerated for a long time.

Low carbon environmental protection raw materials are preferred for heat-resistant glass. The product does not contain mercury, lead, cadmium (and other metal materials), PVC and other harmful substances. It is a non-toxic physical and mental health product for the body.

The raw materials of heat-resistant glass are delicate, non hygroscopic, strong corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. No matter storing all foods with strong taste and food odor, there will be no residue.

Heat resistant glass is impact resistant, not easy to break, high strength and wear-resistant. It is not easy to scratch in long-term application. It is very easy to clean and not easy to stain. It is as bright as a new mouth in long-term application.

Heat resistant glass products are crystal clear, beautiful, generous and easy to use. It can be seen that the stored food can be used at ease.

Heat resistant glass is suitable for heating in microwave oven and refrigerator. It can be cleaned by sink and dishwasher and sterilized in boiling water.

The heat-resistant glass conducts heat rapidly, digests and absorbs very little microwave heating, and saves electricity, environmental protection and energy.

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