Can the glass fresh-keeping box be heated in the microwave oven with the cover covered?



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It can be completely put into the microwave oven together, but it is suggested to leave a small gap. Because the mechanism of microwave heating is the rapid friction of water, so that the food can be heated quickly, so a lot of water will flow out and produce steam. If the cover is too tight, the cover body is very easy to be expanded by the rapidly expanding steam in the box body.


There are three types of fresh-keeping boxes:

1. It is a plastic fresh-keeping box: it is made of composite resin. Generally, it can withstand high temperature: the highest temperature is 120 ℃, the lowest temperature is - 20 ℃,

2. It is toughened laminated glass fresh-keeping box: General FRP anti-corruption.

3. It is a heat-resistant glass fresh-keeping box, which is made of borosilicate glass. It is also a good fresh-keeping box recognized at this stage. With the increasing attention of customers to their health, we are more concerned about whether the raw materials commonly used in the fresh-keeping box are physical and mental health.

Common problems in the application of fresh-keeping box

1. Plastic fresh-keeping boxes cannot be put into microwave ovens and household ovens, because plastic can cause chemicals harmful to the body at high temperatures. If it is often cooked in a microwave oven, it is best to use a fresh-keeping box made of polycarbonate (PC) raw materials.

If you use a high temperature within 70 degrees for continuous sterilization and cleaning, please do not exceed 20 ~ 30 minutes. Generally, the high fever of the sink dishwasher is located at the bottom. Relatively speaking, the upper part suffers from indirect heat conduction, so it is better to clean it above the sink dishwasher.

2. The storage time of different foods is different. It is not necessary to simply rely on the sealing ability of the fresh-keeping box. You should take it as soon as possible. P. P (polypropylene) fresh-keeping box, when applied in microwave oven, can carry out short-term heating, but it can not be used as a cooking utensil in microwave oven.

3. When putting it into the microwave oven, be sure to loosen the box cover and tightly connect the equipment before application. If it is applied after the box cover is locked, the fresh-keeping box will deform or crack due to working pressure. When applied in the microwave oven, if there are more oil and sugar in the food, the fresh-keeping box will be deformed when the temperature rises rapidly.

4. When cleaning the fresh-keeping box, use soft sponge instead of rigid dishwashing cloth to prevent scratches and discoloration of the fresh-keeping box. When cleaning the silicone epoxy gasket between the box cover and the utensils, please do not support and pull hard, otherwise it will crack or elongate.

5. Hot food will swell the gas and reduce the sealing characteristics of the fresh-keeping box. Therefore, it should be stored after the food is cold. Bubbles in soft drinks (carbonated drinks, Coca Cola, etc.) will cause the lack of sealing ability of the fresh-keeping box. Do not store them in the fresh-keeping box.

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